The way James captures his images really brings out the beauty in his subjects and landscapes. The colours and sharpness of his photographs makes me see the world differently. James has a great skill of turning natural landscapes into beautiful art and capturing the uniqueness of the world. – Emily Hutton,

I’m a journalist by school and almost 20 years of experience, very passionate about photography and travel. What I liked even more was that James has a lot of human touch, which I loved. – Sue Lashala

I just love the way James takes pictures I love nature and his pictures are truly amazing and make me feel like I'm there. – Vish, Art Consultant

It takes you away to a calming place. Very peaceful. – Cary Butler

I love the earth tones in your photos. Love the calm feeling his photos pass to me. Your photos look like a poem. – Paula Seixas, Artist

What I love is the eeriness and loneliness to Jim’s images—it makes me want to know the story. Where it is? What’s happening there? Who’s nearby? It has a deep mystery that I adore. – Jemma Leigh

James’ use of light and composition goes beyond the rudimentary “rules,” but are used artistically and intentionally. He doesn’t feel the need to over-process, letting his work in the camera shine through. James uses space and balance in interesting ways, allowing the scenes room to have impact, and the way he frames up a scene never leaves one wondering what the point or subject is. – Christine Duncan

The style of Jim’s images is inspiring—they write a story themselves in each landscape image. – Alan

Jim’s imagery provokes thought and an awareness of space, drawing me into a point of focus which sometimes isn’t what I think the main focal point is, but that’s what makes his images so attractive. – Calderwood

James captures simple and raw moments of places and people—many that are off the beaten path. James manages to somehow reflect the soul, the sweetness, to uniqueness of each person, place, moment. His presentation of each work is also a part of that lovely experience. – Lisa