Bring the corners of the world to the walls of your home (without the jet lag).

Your favourite trattoria.
The way the setting sun lit the wall outside your apartment.
That life-changing hike (in or out of the city, doesn’t matter).
The places on your bucket list you haven’t been to . . . yet.

Photographs whisper the story of a place to the soul that longs to return—or see it for the first time.


I’m James Dawson, and I make photographs of the things that enhance colour, texture, and the story of quiet corners and neighbourhoods in well-traveled cities or the peaceful solitude of expansive landscapes.

Most people tell me they get a sense of calm from my photographs, and I take that as the highest compliment. My personal challenge is always to see different—to see beyond the distraction of the obvious, to capture the uniqueness of a subject.

I make photographic prints to rekindle your nostalgia of a place. Or to remind you there are corners of the world waiting for you to experience. Or to offer you something at last to grace the blank space on your wall that’s been bugging you for years.

In photographic prints of Venice Italy, Portugal and the Azores, Ireland, Scotland, France, Barbados, Canada and other countries I've visited, I bring the poetry of place to You, to bring You back to the places You love (without those pesky airport security lineups).

I’m intentional with what I photograph. Each photograph and print represent a moment, a thought process, a time in one's life one cannot revisit except through memory or a print. Every print tells a story. Whatever brought You here, I hope the art I create brings to life something meaningful to You, a memory rekindled or a longing to be fulfilled.

“Give back to the world at least what you’ve received.” – Albert Einstein

I believe stories bring the world together. So does being there for others in need. Rooted in purpose and fueled by passion, I donate all profit from this business to GlobalMedic.

I believe there is beauty in everything if we only look for it. I hope you find something here that invites you to see different, to discover beauty in unusual ways and places, to look more carefully at the world around you—both near and far.

Looking for something in particular? A colour, a scene, a size? Get in touch and let me know. Thanks so much for being here.

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Our Master Printer

“To convey in the print the feeling you experienced when you exposed your film – to walk out of the darkroom and say: ‘This is it, the equivalent of what I saw and felt!’. That’s what it’s all about.” – John Sexton

Natalie Draz

Some of the best artistic and business decisions I’ve made have come through collaboration, and when it comes to printing, I knew I wanted the best quality possible in tone, texture, colour, and longevity. I knew Master Printer Natalie Draz was the best person for the job.
Natalie has a BA (Hons) from the University of Toronto, and a MFA from Concordia University where she combined traditional and digital print media techniques into large-scale paper works. She has been an Artist in Residence at the Women's Studio Workshop in Upstate New York and The Banff Art Centre. Natalie regularly exhibits her artwork and book arts at fairs around North America.
Working directly with myself, we ensure we print each limited edition to the highest quality standard. 

Natalie prints all of our photographs on 100% cotton rag papers with archival Epson SureColor inks using the highest standard of photographic printing technologies. You can see
Natalie's personal work at