España - Spain

What can I say about Spain in such a small space except GO, but don't go during the summer! 

Consider travelling through Spain in the winter. The celebration of Christmas and New Year’s can be delightful in Spain.

February in Spain brings a whole new experience than what you've been used to. 

You'll be in for a treat!

The renowned Sitges carnival starts on the 24th of February with the arrival of the  King of Carnival into town and ends when he leaves on Ash Wednesday the first day of Lent. Along with colourful costumes, you can also enjoy the celebrations all through the streets of Spain.

At the end of February, this glorious flamenco festival is hosted by Jerez. With its large Gypsy quarter and Moorish castle – Jerez s the very heart of Flamenco with the soul of this traditional style – said to be an area encompassed by the cities of Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera and the barrio of Triana in Seville.

Portugal and the Azores -- Coming 2022

Portugal and the Azores -- Coming 2022

Travellers in the know consider Portugal to be one of the best European destinations. Personally, from a travel and landscape photographer's perspective, it is not hard to understand why. With the diversity of landscapes, rugged coastline, and relatively small size, Portugal is easy to take in, especially when one sets out on a self-drive tour.

When most people think of Portugal, the Algarve comes to mind with its red-cliffed coastline and idyllic whitewashed Moorish villages dotted with lattice chimneys and orange groves. 

However, don't overlook Porto. Porto is Portugal's second-biggest city and is very different from Lisbon's capital. Porto is unpretentious and unashamedly commercial, stubbornly clinging to a slightly time-worn way of life.

The Azores, with its nine tiny black lava atolls rising from the depths of the mid-Atlantic, has been described as the Hawaii of Europe. The reasons are not hard to see. Their breathtaking natural landscapes are truly wonderful.

On São Miguel, the green island, you'll experience crater lake-fed waterfalls tumbling down basalt cliffs, rivulets coursing down rain-forest covered hills, and lush green pastures dotted with cows. The Azores are landscape photographers' and gardeners' dreams. The other islands cross a spectrum of biomes. Tiny Santa Maria is an island of fine white-sand beaches. Terceira, the heart of the archipelago first settled in 1450, is a wild and hilly island with many walking and hiking trails. Much of Terceira is a nature reserve with a patchwork of small farms and stonewalls. Another island is Faial. It is close to the tectonic divide between the European and North American plates. Many consider Faial the westernmost point in Europe (from a geophysical perspective).

Venice --Tra la gente

Venice --Tra la gente

Weaving amongst the millions of tourists that flock to Venice each year are the residents of Venice. Those 50,000 or so people who live, work, and play amongst the six districts or sestieri. Every sestieri has its own distinctive offering. Something a little different and distinctive wherever you wander.

With the rise of tourism in the early 20th century Venice’s resident population declined sharply. With most buildings being high maintenance that required money to be preserved, many of the locals moved out to the mainland.