Christine Duncan

James’ use of light and composition goes beyond the rudimentary “rules,” but are used artistically and intentionally. He doesn’t feel the need to over-process, letting his work in the camera shine through. James uses space and balance in interesting ways, allowing the scenes room to have impact, and the way he frames up a scene never leaves one wondering what the point or subject is.

Christine Duncan

The way James captures his images really brings out the beauty in his subjects and landscapes. The colours and sharpness of his photographs makes me see the world differently. James has a great skill of turning natural landscapes into beautiful art and capturing the uniqueness of the world. and @Thesigniturefinearts

Emily Hutton

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4 Reasons to Invest in Art as Part of Your Business’s Donation Plan

The most persuasive reason to invest in limited edition prints is that art is beautiful. Placing art in a room or hallway can be transformative, creating a space that imbues a sense of joy or serenity, becoming a place for introspection.


Let’s face it. Art stirs an emotion in you, no matter the reason. A piece of art may make you remember something, or it makes you feel a certain way because of its theme or colours. Investing in art is primarily an emotional purchase because it speaks to you.

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Paying forward ...

Right off the start, we want to tell you that 100% of all the profits made through the sale of prints will go to charity. At first glance folks may think that they misread that first statement or that this is part of some scam.
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