Paying forward ...

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Right off the start, we want to tell you that 100% of all the profits made through the sale of prints will go to charity. At first glance folks may think that they misread that first statement or that this is part of some scam. We assure you it isn't. We've chosen to do this because we feel extremely fortunate to have reached a point in our lives where we can pay our good fortunate forward.  

During some after dinner conversation about how lucky we have been, we agreed that the best way to pay our good fortune forward was to donate to an apolitical humanitarian relief agency. We just needed the 'What', 'How' and the 'Who'.

 Since I'm a landscape and travel photographer, the 'What' became the photographs that I've taken while on our travels through Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and Colombia South America.

The 'How' became the folks at Digital Mainstreet and the ShopHERE program funded by the federal government, province of Ontario and key corporate sponsors such as Shopify, which is the host for this estore. The ShopHERE program is designed to help Ontario businesses and artists get their work selling online.

The 'Who' came after some research into various charities and humanitarian relief agencies. We chose one agency in particular that is composed of professional emergency workers plus other skilled and trained professionals, who volunteer their time and skill set in order to deliver aid. This agency ensures the donations go to those in need and whose work supports critical intervention in the wake of disaster and crisis. 

As we wrote above, we will pass along 100% of the profits from the sale of the prints.  By the way, no one receives a charitable tax deduction from the print sales.  But each customer can come away knowing that they have contributed to the well-being of those less fortunate and in need of aid.

Jim Dawson Photography -- See Different